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Dr. Jack West reviews the IMpower130 trial of carboplatin + nab-paclitaxel with or without atezolizumab as first line treatment for advanced non-squamous NSCLC and whether this positive trial changes management in this setting.
by:BeaconMedIC | 8 views
Dr. Jack West describes recently updated results of a small randomized trial of consolidation local ablative therapy (LAT) for oligometastatic advanced NSCLC after initial systemic therapy & considers whether these results should shape clinical practice.
by:BeaconMedIC | 13 views
Dr. Jack West reviews the IMpower132 trial of platinum + pemetrexed with or without atezolizumab as first line treatment for advanced non-squamous NSCLC and where these results fit into management of patients in this setting.
by:BeaconMedIC | 16 views
Dr. Jack West reviews the trial design of the MYSTIC trial of durvalumab alone or in combination with tremelimumab, what we know about results, and the implications for the current & future landscape in NSCLC.
by:BeaconMedIC | 29 views
Dr. Jack West summarizes new information presented at ESMO 2018 on the PePS2 trial of pembrolizumab (Keytruda) in patients with advanced NSCLC performance status (PS) of 2, which demonstrated favorable efficacy and no concerning challenges with toxicity in this population.
by:BeaconMedIC | 43 views
Dr. Jack West reviews longitudinal outcomes for patients on the KEYNOTE-010 trial of pembrolizumab (Keytruda) vs. docetaxel as 2nd line therapy for advanced NSCLC, with helpful new info on those completing 2 years of pembro & implications for practice.
by:BeaconMedIC | 36 views
Dr. Jack West discusses the trial design of the PACIFIC trial of consolidation durvalumab (Imfinzi) after chemo/radiation for unresectable stage III NSCLC and highlights new data on overall survival and the different results in patient subgroups.
by:BeaconMedIC | 39 views
Dr. Jack West reviews the IMpower133 trial that integrated atezolizumab with first line chemo for extensive stage SCLC and discusses whether the results improve outcomes enough to change our standard of care in this setting.
by:BeaconMedIC | 37 views
Dr. Jack West describes an emerging theme that the best outcomes for patients with lung cancer and likely other cancer are best served by receiving the best agents up front, a strategy that implies a value in integrating more treatments into early combos.
by:BeaconMedIC | 153 views
Dr. Jack West reviews general principles for how local therapies are increasingly appropriate for selected patients with advanced NSCLC, whether at initial management, for limited progression on systemic therapy, or as local consolidation therapy.
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