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Dr. Jack West presents early data suggesting that chemotherapy may be more effective after prior immunotherapy than otherwise.
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Dr. Jack West reviews new data on patterns of acquired resistance after a response to immune checkpoint inhibitors for advanced NSCLC, along with the clinical implications of various options based on these observations.
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Dr. Jack West summarizes the evolving data shaping our understanding of the role of immune checkpoint inhibitors for patients with EGFR- or ALK-positive advanced NSCLC, including more recent data that should change our perspective.
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Dr. Jack West reviews the preliminary positive result form the IMpower131 trial of chemo +/- atezolizumab immunotherapy and considers what the clinical significance of these findings should be for patients with advanced squamous NSCLC.
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Dr. Jack West explores the importance of following the overall survival of patients on the PACIFIC trial and considers still open questions of whether consolidation durvalumab (Imfinzi) in stage III unresectable NSCLC should be discontinued after a year.
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Dr. Jack West reviews key results of the PACIFIC trial of the immunotherapy agent durvalumab (Imfinzi) vs. placebo in stage III NSCLC and explains the pros and cons of durvalumab as a new standard of care after concurrent chemoradiation.
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Dr. Jack West reviews the new FDA approval for afatinib (Gilotrif) for specific uncommon EGFR mutations, including G719X, L861Q, and S768I, in advanced NSCLC.
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Dr. Jack West reviews the results and pending questions of the KEYNOTE-189 trial of chemotherapy with or without pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA) as first line therapy for advanced non-squamous NSCLC, as well as how they change the treatment landscape.
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Dr. Jack West reviews provocative biomarker results on the IMpower150 trial that tested atezolizumab with carboplatin/pac​litaxel +/- bevacizumab & revealed strongest benefit of atezo in those with T effector gene signature high expression or high PD-L1.
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Dr. Jack West reviews the preliminary clinical results on the IMpower150 trial that tested the value of adding the immune checkpoint inhibitor atezolizumab to carbo/paclitaxe​l/bevacizumab in patients with chemo-na├»ve advanced non-squamous NSCLC.
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