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During the 2014 American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting, Dr. Ajay Gopal from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance joined Patient Power to share exciting treatment news for lymphomas. He provided an overview of all the latest, including positive news about the oral therapy Zydelig® (idelalisib) i...
by:patientpower | 21 views
In this “Best of the Day” presentation from the 2014 Annual Hematology Meeting in San Francisco, Dr. Joseph R. Mikhael and Dr. John P. Leonard discuss pertinent clinical data and late breaking abstracts for the management of patients with lymphoma. This expert review and discussion covers therapeutic strategies for Hodgkin lymphoma, follicular lymp...
by:imedex | 107 views
Clinical advances in front-line treatment of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) over the past two decades have enhanced patient outcomes. However, even with the advances made in chemotherapy, chemo-immunothe​rapy and stem cell transplantation there is still no standardized front-line therapy for MCL and cert...
by:imedex | 92 views
In June 1998, Meisha had just completed second grade and was looking forward to summer vacation when she began experiencing severe abdominal pain, nausea and fatigue. After a trip to her pediatrician and an emergency CT scan, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was immediately referred to MD Anderson...
by:mdanderson | 223 views
Ingrid Hellender shares her medical story and experience using Gelclair.
by:DARABioSciences | 315 views
At the iwNHL 2014, Dr Rafael Fonseca (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA) interviews Prof Keith Stewart (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA) and Prof Leif Bergsagel (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA), all doctors with an interest in myeloma, about the application of myeloma biology and therapies in lymphoma. Prof Stewart describes tumour heterogeneity and suggests a parall...
by:EMJ | 287 views
In the recent past, lymphoma researchers have turned their attention to a phenomenon known as the “microenvironme​nt.” Made up of three factors, the microenvironmen​t involves healthy cells adjacent to the cancerous ones and helps keep the lymphoma alive in the face of treatment with chemotherapy. By releasing natural checks on the human immune syste...
by:patientpower | 313 views
The newest lymphoma drugs are very expensive and some patients may takes them for years. How can we afford these therapies. Experts share their views in this roundtable discussion. Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http://www.y... Like on Facebook | http://www.f.......
by:patientpower | 251 views
Today's cancer interdisciplina​ry teams are different from before. And just as there are new combinations of doctors, there are new combinations of medicines. Our roundtable of experts explains what this means for patients today. Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subsc...
by:patientpower | 217 views
Research is rushing ahead in lymphoma and this gives great hope to patients. Especially in the indolent follicular lymphoma area and also, for patients with similar CLL, new medicines are making a big difference. In this first segment of a roundtable discussion, experts explain. Get email alerts ...
by:patientpower | 169 views

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