Multiple Myeloma

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At the iwNHL 2014, Dr Rafael Fonseca interviews Prof Keith Stewart and Prof Leif Bergsagel, all doctors with an interest in myeloma, about the application of myeloma biology and therapies in lymphoma. Prof Stewart describes tumour heterogeneity and suggests a parallel between myeloma and indolent follicular lymphoma, where the presence of a more ag...
by:EMJ | 53 views
When discussing multiple myeloma treatment certain terms like “MRD” or “complete response” are often mentioned. But what do these terms mean? Dr. Faith Davies from University of Arkansas Medical Sciences joins Patient Power to help us understand some of these common medical terms and phrases and what they mean for myeloma patients. Get email ale...
by:patientpower | 69 views
Prof John Gribben (Barts Cancer Institute, London, UK) chairs a discussion with Dr Wyndham Wilson (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, USA), Prof Anton Hagenbeek (Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands), Prof Michael Pfreundschuh (University of Saarland, Homburg-Saar, Germany) and Dr Myron...
by:EMJ | 122 views
Patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation may be at risk for Oral Mucositis, a condition characterized by redness, inflammation and ulcer like sores throughout the mouth and throat. Oral Mucositis can be extremely painful and may also lead to infection. The following tips can be hel...
by:DARABioSciences | 1580 views
Louis M. Weiner, MD, explains that checkpoint inhibitors represent a promising treatment option for essentially all types of cancer, since a tumor cannot form without first overcoming the immune system. To view more from this discussion, visit http://www.o...
by:onclivetv | 572 views
Jean DiCarlo-Wagner is a vibrant Stage III Colorectal Cancer Survivor turned yoga instructor. In this video, she shares her gift of teaching Yoga to cancer survivors at National Women's Survivor Convention. Jean invites you to take your shoes off, enjoy some monkey-see, monkey-do yoga and relax. Sh...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 1231 views
Filmed at the 2014 Great Debates and Updates in Hematologic Malignancies Congress in New York, this online activity is comprised of three videos wherein Dr. James M. Epstein is joined by Drs. Robert Z. Orlowski, David P. Steensma, and John P. Leonard to discuss recent clinical advances in hematologic malignancies. This engaging conversational forma...
by:imedex | 904 views
Dr Kenneth Anderson (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA) chairs a discussion with Prof Gareth Morgan (The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK) and Prof Paul Richardson (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA) at Myeloma 2014 about the treatment of myeloma. They discuss the trends in therapy the...
by:Myeloma2014 | 1974 views
Dr Anderson (Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA) chairs a discussion with Prof Palumbo (University of Torina, Torina, Italy), Prof Gareth Morgan (The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), and Prof San Miguel (University Hospital, Salamanca, Spain) at Myeloma 2014 about the treatment of Myeloma...
by:Myeloma2014 | 1624 views
Prof Keith Stewart (Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, USA) chairs a discussion with Prof Gareth Morgan (The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK), Dr Leif L. Bergsagel (Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona), and Prof Antonio Palumbo (University of Torina, Torina, Italy) at Myeloma 2014, about the treatment of myel...
by:Myeloma2014 | 1400 views

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