Myeloproliferative Disease

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Jean DiCarlo-Wagner is a vibrant Stage III Colorectal Cancer Survivor turned yoga instructor. In this video, she shares her gift of teaching Yoga to cancer survivors at National Women's Survivor Convention. Jean invites you to take your shoes off, enjoy some monkey-see, monkey-do yoga and relax. Sh...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 435 views
Dr. David Snyder from City of Hope explains what immunomodulator​s and interferons are and their role in the treatment of MPNs. He describes what researchers know about how these types of treatments work and how they can be used in combination with other therapies to be more effective. Get email a...
by:patientpower | 490 views
Dr. David Snyder from City of Hope defines telomerase inhibitors and explains the research currently taking place to understand how these agents work to treat myeloproliferat​ive neoplasms (MPNs). Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http://www.y... Like on Facebook |...
by:patientpower | 687 views
JAK inhibitors, such as ruxolitinib (Jakafi®), are changing the landscape of treatment for myeloproliferat​ive neoplasms (MPNs). Dr. Bart Scott from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance discusses how JAK inhibitors work to treat MPNs, new JAK inhibitors currently in trial, and why it’s an exciting time for research in the MPN field. Get email alerts ...
by:patientpower | 397 views
Myeloproliferat​ive neoplams (MPNs) have a variety of treatments ranging from new pills and medications to phlebotomy. Transplant may be an option for some patients. MPN and transplant expert Dr. David Snyder explains how transplant is used in MPN treatment and who transplant is ideal for. Get email alerts | http://www.p......
by:patientpower | 152 views
When is it appropriate for an MPN patient to consider a clinical trial? MPN expert Dr. Brady Stein from Northwestern Medicine discusses how the latest studies of interferon are affecting MPN treatment and describes the pros and cons of participating in a clinical trial. Dr. Alison Moliterno from Johns Hopkins Medicine then weighs in on patients tha...
by:patientpower | 93 views
Over 17 years ago, Diana Riley was diagnosed with an MPN. Originally misdiagnosed with essential thrombocythemia (ET), after changing doctors she was properly diagnosed with myelofibrosis (MF). Diana has been living well under the care of great doctors, most recently from Dr. Brady Stein, an MPN specialist, from Northwestern Medicine. Diana shares ...
by:patientpower | 229 views
Are you born with a myeloproliferat​ive neoplasm (MPN)? Could you have prevented the disease? An MPN expert, Dr. Alison Moliterno from Johns Hopkins Medicine, explains what doctors know about why MPNs occur, risks for contracting an MPN, and whether the disease may be hereditary or related to genetics. Get email alerts | http://www.p......
by:patientpower | 689 views
Filmed at the 2014 European Focus on Myeloproliferat​ive Neoplasms and Myelodysplastic Syndromes in Prague, this online activity is a video discussion between Dr. Srdan Verstovsek, MD, PhD and Dr. Alessandro M. Vannucchi, MD highlighting recent clinical advances in MPN/MDS presented during the confer...
by:imedex | 414 views
Filmed at the 2014 Great Debates and Updates in Hematologic Malignancies Congress in New York, this online activity is comprised of three videos wherein Dr. James M. Epstein is joined by Drs. Robert Z. Orlowski, David P. Steensma, and John P. Leonard to discuss recent clinical advances in hematologic malignancies. This engaging conversational forma...
by:imedex | 307 views

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