Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

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http://cance... A genetic mutation and a leukemia drug may provide new hope for patients with squamous cell lung cancer patients. GRACEcast 226 Lung
by:cancergrace | 925 views
Lung cancer expert Dr. Corey Langer from the Abramson Cancer Center discusses translational medicine from the 2014 ASCO meeting in Chicago. He explains how personalized therapies are targeting abnormalities within tumors and making a difference in outcomes for patients with lung cancer. Get email alerts | http://www.p......
by:patientpower | 393 views
Filmed at the 2014 Great Debates & Updates in Thoracic Malignancies meeting, this online activity is comprised of a video discussion between Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan, MD and Dr. Roy S. Herbst, MD which outlines key learning points from the meeting and summarizes take home messages from the presented content. This engaging conversational format pr...
by:imedex | 145 views
Drs. Nasser Hanna and Melissa Johnson discuss developments in Immunotherapy since ASCO 2013. GRACEcast 258 Lung
by:cancergrace | 325 views
Renowned University of Pennsylvania expert Dr. Corey Langer talks about just how far we’ve come over the last three decades for a disease where the toxicities once outweighed the treatment benefits. Langer talks about progress spanning three decades, our journey towards more personalized approaches, and how many lung cancer patients today are livin...
by:patientpower | 351 views
http://cance... Dr. Nasser Hanna discusses the SQUIRE trial of the EGFR antibody Necitumumab in patients with squamous lung cancer. Though it achieved a statistical increase in OS, he does not consider it clinically relevant. GRACEcast 250 Lung
by:cancergrace | 749 views
http://cance... The REVEL trial studied 1,200 non-small cell lung cancer patients to see if the drug Cyramza (ramucirumab) improved overall surival. The doctors had mixed feelings about the results. GRACEcast 248 Lung
by:cancergrace | 619 views
The doctors discuss the new FDA-approved drug for ALK positive lung cancer patients, Zykadia (ceritinib), including the dosage level, potential side effects and the ability of Zykadia to impact brain metastases. GRACEcast 246 Lung
by:cancergrace | 244 views
"Dead negative," is how Dr. Nasser Hanna describes results of a phase 3 study that examined how patients with high MET expression did on the drug MetMab (onartuzumab). GRACEcast 244 Lung
by:cancergrace | 470 views
Lung cancer patients with high MET amplification appear to do well on Xalcori (crizotinib), a drug that is approved for ALK positive patients. GRACEcast 242 Lung
by:cancergrace | 278 views

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