Pancreatic Cancer

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What are the expectations for patients undergoing surgery for pancreatic cancer? Dr. A. James Moser of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center helps us understand why this is such a tough question and how he and his team counsel patients, particularly those fearful of undergoing surgery of any kind. Listen as Dr. Moser talks about the dramatic upswing...
by:patientpower | 110 views
Is this a more hopeful time for pancreatic cancer research? With an increased understanding of how pancreatic cancer flourishes and tools that help gauge treatment response, Dr. Daniel Laheru of Johns Hopkins Medicine talks about some of the strategies that helped propel research for a disease with a reputation of being tough to treat. He also disc...
by:patientpower | 128 views
Dr. Charlie Nutting discusses multidisciplina​ry treatment options and his role as Interventional Radiologist for the treatment team. He talks about targeted treatments, such as RFA, TACE, and SIR-Spheres for the treatment of liver tumors.
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 89 views
In this "Best of the Day" interview from ESMO 2014, Dr. Axel Grothey is joined by Dr. Florian Lordick to review the latest advances, clinical trial updates, and late-breaking news presented during this year's GI Malignancies sessions. Discussion highlights include: new and emerging therapies for gastric, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers...
by:imedex | 181 views
Results of the MPACT Trial (weekly nab-paclitaxel plus gemcitabine versus gemcitabine alone) in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer will be reviewed, with emphasis on patient selection and neuropathy management. The webinar was delivered by Dr. Malcolm Moore, Program Head, Medical Oncolog...
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The objective of this webinar was to provide an overview of the available front-line therapeutic options for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer and compare the relative effectiveness and potential side effect profiles of different chemotherapeuti​c regimens.
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Patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation may be at risk for Oral Mucositis, a condition characterized by redness, inflammation and ulcer like sores throughout the mouth and throat. Oral Mucositis can be extremely painful and may also lead to infection. The following tips can be hel...
by:DARABioSciences | 1569 views
Dr. A. James Moser helps us understand which patients are candidates for pancreatic cancer surgery and the importance of consulting with a multidisciplina​ry team that may include a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist and radiologist. He broadens our understanding of the latest minimally invasive approaches and how the improvement ...
by:patientpower | 441 views
Louis M. Weiner, MD, explains that checkpoint inhibitors represent a promising treatment option for essentially all types of cancer, since a tumor cannot form without first overcoming the immune system. To view more from this discussion, visit http://www.o...
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Dr. Andrew Kennedy, radiation oncologist at Sarah Cannon Research Institute, discusses the importance of multidisciplina​ry care and a team approach when treating liver tumors. He shares breaking information about various radiologial techniques, focusing on SBRT, in the use of targeted radiation tre...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 534 views
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