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Cancer patients are often subjected to strong medications, changes in their blood and dietary restrictions. All of these changes can take a toll on the patient, inducing fatigue. But, how do you recognize when fatigue becomes a problem? Nurse practitioner Anna Antonowich-Jons​son of City of Hope National Medical Center shares how small monitored cha...
by:patientpower | 179 views
Every day, cancer patients from around the world walk through the doors of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, with one word on their mind: Hope. Hope that no matter the cancer diagnosis, they will receive the best cancer treatment available from a group of caring and compassionate st...
by:mdanderson | 219 views
A serious health crisis can lead to heightened anxiety, so how do you cope and when do you get a social worker involved? Yolanda Patton, a clinical social worker at City of Hope National Medical Center, discusses common symptoms of anxiety or "elevated stress." Listen as Yolanda provides tips on how to best manage the anxieties and stress...
by:patientpower | 151 views
In their early 40s and in the midst of raising four children, Brett Skonicki and his wife, Barbara, were shocked to learn that Barbara had chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CLL. Thrust into a new role as Barbara's caregiver, Brett explains how he coped emotionally and managed to stay strong and positive for his family. After all he and Barbara have bee...
by:patientpower | 126 views
Dr. David Wilcher, an emergency room doctor in Florida, diagnoses patients every day. David found himself investigating his own potential diagnosis when a lymph node on his neck persisted. He suspected he had chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), which was confirmed by his local oncologist, and he is ...
by:patientpower | 112 views
Essential thrombocythemia (ET) patient Brian Lopez was diagnosed at age 39. He and his wife Sharon, discuss life with an MPN. They describe their family and their journey, how Sharon played an aggressive role in Brian's care and treatment, and their hope for the future. Get email alerts | ht...
by:patientpower | 101 views
Anna Antonowich, a nurse practitioner from City of Hope, joins Andrew to discuss what a nurse practitioner does, the importance of honesty and communication with your healthcare team, and why she is so passionate about her profession. Get email alerts | http://www.p... ...
by:patientpower | 163 views
A healthy relationship between a chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patient and their healthcare team can help ensure that they receive the best care possible. A key member of that team is a nurse practitioner, who often plays an important role in the communication between patients and physicians. Lisa Nodzon , who is an advanced registered nurse p...
by:patientpower | 251 views
A clinical social worker at City of Hope, Yolanda Patton, explains the role of a social worker and the resources available to cancer patients and their families when faced with a difficult diagnosis. Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http:/...
by:patientpower | 177 views
Could CAR T-cell therapy (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) be expanded to treat multiple cancers? Early clinical trial observations being led by Dr. David Maloney, are quite remarkable. Dr. Maloney, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Washington, discusses his excitement over CAR T-cel...
by:patientpower | 210 views

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