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How do lymphocytes function, and what’s age have to do with it? When it comes to understanding your lab tests, laboratory scientist Dr. Susan Leclair extends her discussion on lymphocytes and their morphology to help patients make sense of it all. Get email alerts | http://www.p......
by:patientpower | 67 views
When George Stapleton first learned his wife, Hilde, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, he leaned heavily on the Internet. His all-night searches helped him locate clinical trials around the country where Hilde was able to participate and received experimental treatments for her stage ...
by:patientpower | 68 views
Experts are urging lymphoma patients today to consider participating in a clinical trial. With big changes happening and more coming, they feel it may give patients access to "tomorrow'​s medicines today." Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTub...
by:patientpower | 94 views
If your cancer isn't cured, can you live well with it today? With less aggressive lymphomas the answer is increasingly yes. Experts explain in this roundtable discussion on the importance of "quality of life." Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http://www.y... ...
by:patientpower | 94 views
Dr. Bernardo Rapoport, Medical Oncologist from The Medical Oncology Centre of South Africa, speaks of a new drug that improves treatment for nausea and vomiting during Chemotherapy. Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http://www.y......
by:patientpower | 84 views
What does precision oncology or personalized medicine for cancer really mean for now and the future? A leading breast cancer expert from Italy shares his global view from the ESMO congress in Madrid. Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http:/...
by:patientpower | 68 views
Women who are diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy have had touch decisions. Should they abort the fetus fearing the drugs will harm gthe baby? Or should theyt delay treatment? A new study released at the ESMO congress in Madrid shows after the first trimester many chemo drugs are shown to be safe to the fetus. Get email alerts | http://w...
by:patientpower | 79 views
Dr. Charlie Nutting discusses multidisciplina​ry treatment options and his role as Interventional Radiologist for the treatment team. He talks about targeted treatments, such as RFA, TACE, and SIR-Spheres for the treatment of liver tumors.
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 100 views
Billy Heddins, Liver Cancer Survivor, shares his inspiring and touching journey through liver cancer. He discusses learning that he had Hepatitis C from a long past blood transfusion, discovering that he had liver cancer, and some of the trials that he has endured.
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 169 views
Dr. David Currow, Professor of Palliative and Supportive Services at the Flinders University of Australia, talks about a new drug to stop patients from losing weight with advanced cancer Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on YouTube | http://www.y.......
by:patientpower | 191 views
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