Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer specialist Dr. Neal D. Shore discusses the determination of a prostate cancer patient's health risks. Dr. Shore points out that there are new tests for determining prostate cancer aggressiveness beyond the traditional examination, blood test and biopsy.
by:genomichealth | 208 views
Prostate cancer specialist Dr. Neal Shore talks about how the Oncotype DX Prostate Cancer Assay will affect patients and how their disease will be treated. Dr. Shore says the Oncotype DX assay presents genomic pathway information personalized to each patient, thus allowing for individualized treatment.
by:genomichealth | 201 views
Prostate cancer specialist Dr. Neal D. Shore details the addition of genomic testing when examining prostate cancer patients' biopsied tissue to determine the aggressiveness of the disease and how to go forward with treatment.
by:genomichealth | 165 views
Dr. Bela Denes, Senior Director, Medical Affairs Urology at Genomic Health, discusses a prostate cancer diagnosis and the Oncotype DX GPS Report with one of his patients.
by:genomichealth | 192 views
Genomic Health's Dr. Bela Denes examines accurate risk discrimination delivering confident decision making when it comes to prostate cancer treatments.
by:genomichealth | 148 views
Dr. Mark Lee of Genomic Health analyzes the UCSF validation data for the Oncotype DX Prostate Cancer Assay.
by:genomichealth | 135 views
Favorable pathology in terms of prostate cancer and GPS (genomic prostate score) is explained by Dr. Bela Denes of Genomic Health.
by:genomichealth | 143 views
Dr. Bela Denes, Senior Director, Medical Affairs Urology at Genomic Health, discusses the Oncotype DX GPS Report for men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer.
by:genomichealth | 132 views
Over the past decade, Genomic Health has redefined personalized medicine through the innovation of Oncotype DX, making genomics an indispensable part of breast, colon and prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. In its next decade, Genomic Health aims to lead the transformation of cancer into a manageable disease with the goal of reducing the high ...
by:genomichealth | 122 views
Treatment options for prostate cancer can lead to a range of side effects. Dr. Arthur Burnett, Patrick C. Walsh Distinguished Professor of Urology, Director, Basic Science Laboratory in Neurourology and Director, Male Consultation Clinic at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions discusses these possible side effects and how men and their family and car...
by:genomichealth | 134 views

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