Bone Metastases

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Patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation may be at risk for Oral Mucositis, a condition characterized by redness, inflammation and ulcer like sores throughout the mouth and throat. Oral Mucositis can be extremely painful and may also lead to infection. The following tips can be hel...
by:DARABioSciences | 1730 views
Louis M. Weiner, MD, explains that checkpoint inhibitors represent a promising treatment option for essentially all types of cancer, since a tumor cannot form without first overcoming the immune system. To view more from this discussion, visit http://www.o...
by:onclivetv | 666 views
Jean DiCarlo-Wagner is a vibrant Stage III Colorectal Cancer Survivor turned yoga instructor. In this video, she shares her gift of teaching Yoga to cancer survivors at National Women's Survivor Convention. Jean invites you to take your shoes off, enjoy some monkey-see, monkey-do yoga and relax. Sh...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 1422 views
Dr. Corey Langer chairs this 18th Annual "Perspecti​ves in Thoracic Oncology" meeting which is captured in its entirety in this webcast. An expert faculty covers every aspect of lung cancer management including exciting new screening and staging modalities, management approaches, and emergi...
by:imedex | 413 views
Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS, Medical Director, Carolina Urologic Research Center, Myrtle Beach, discusses the approval of radium-223 for patients with bone metastases from prostate cancer. More on prostate cancer: http://www.o...
by:onclivetv | 2975 views
Researchers have been working hard to find ways to prevent bone metastases, often a painful outcome of prostate cancer. Dr. Neal Shore, director of the Carolina Urologic Research Center, explains some of the current therapeutic options available today that are helping to delay the onset of bone meta...
by:patientpower | 2705 views
To date there has been no reliable way to quantify or to characterize prostate cancer bone metastases. Medical oncologist Michael Morris of Memorial Sloan-Kettering​'s Genitourinary Oncology Service describes techniques to image prostate cancer metastases using novel PET imaging technology. The approaches involve the use of prostate-specif​ic PET sca...
by:mskcc | 4009 views
Medical oncologist Michael Morris of Memorial Sloan-Kettering​'s Genitourinary Oncology Service describes new injectable radiopharmaceut​ical agents used to treat bone metastases from castration-resi​stant prostate cancer. These alpha-emitting agents deliver high, lethal doses of radioactive energy over a small distance ). Because the energy they emit...
by:mskcc | 3793 views
Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD, From the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada on Cabozantinib's (XL184) Effect on Bone Metastases
by:onclivetv | 1976 views
Dr. Shicha Kumar talks candidly about the team approach to cancer care at Roswell Park's Breast Cancer Center. Learn more about Dr. Kumar: https://www....
by:roswellpark | 4568 views

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