Breast Cancer

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Jean DiCarlo-Wagner is a vibrant Stage III Colorectal Cancer Survivor turned yoga instructor. In this video, she shares her gift of teaching Yoga to cancer survivors at National Women's Survivor Convention. Jean invites you to take your shoes off, enjoy some monkey-see, monkey-do yoga and relax. Sh...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 470 views
Dr. Michelle Luschen, an interventional radiologist at Sarah Cannon Research Institute, describes what interventional radiology is and how it can provide a benefit to cancer patients. She discusses minimally invasisive, liver directed treatments for liver tumors. and the importance of a multidiscip...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 84 views
Andrea Lee, RN is a nurse navigataor at Sarah Cannon Research Institute. She talks about navigation and the importance it holds for advanced cancer patients and their families, how navigation can help to make a very difficult sutation easier to handle, and the benefit that patients and their famili...
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 144 views
Tamoxifen (Soltamox/Nolvad​ex®; AstraZeneca), an antagonist of the estrogen receptor α in ERα-positive breast cancer has been effective in most patients. The drug has been used for more than 40 years to treat breast cancers that are hormone-recepto​r positive. As an adjuvant therapy tamoxifen improves overall survival. Its widespread use is thought t...
by:oncozine | 1342 views
For more free video updates go to www.oncology... Incorporation of Bv into anthracycline and taxane containing adjuvant therapy does not improve IDFS or OS in pts with high risk HER2- breast cancer. Bv did increase AEs but no unexpected AEs were encountered. Longer duration therapy is unl...
by:oncologyeducation | 407 views
Only 4 of 100 women with early-stage invasive breast cancer benefit from chemotherapy*, and its toxic nature can result in severe side effects. Oncotype DX is the only test that can help you find out if chemotherapy is the best treatment for you—or if there is another option that might suit you b...
by:genomichealth | 209 views
Dr. Rick Baehner talks about DCIS and invasive breast cancer and how the Oncotype DX DCIS Test Score identifies the aggressiveness of the cancer tumor tissue and the level of risk for the patient.
by:genomichealth | 168 views
Genomic Health's Senior Director of Pathology, Dr. Rick Baehner, describes how the Oncotype DX DCIS Score is revolutionizing the way that DCIS breast cancer is being treated. Pathologists no longer have to rely on subjective assessments and can now examine individual breast cancer tumors to determin...
by:genomichealth | 189 views
The Oncotype DX DCIS Score is determined by examining a piece of breast cancer tumor tissue obtained at the time of surgery. Genomic Health's Senior Director of Pathology, Dr. Rick Baehner, talks about how the test measures the levels of tumor-associate​d genes.
by:genomichealth | 167 views
Patients diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer should talk to their surgeon or radiation oncologist about ordering the Oncotype DX DCIS Breast Cancer Assay so they can get a DCIS Score and determine the best treatment plan, according to Genomic Health's Senior Director of Pathology, Dr. Rick Baehner.
by:genomichealth | 161 views

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