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Liquid biopsies (also called serum testing) is a practice already approved in Europe for EGFR lung cancer patients. Drawing blood to test for acquired resistance is easier and quicker than needle biopsies. How long until it is standard practice in the US?
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http://cance... Immunotherapy Forum Video #13: Drs. Davies and Atkins, along with melanoma patient Rusty Cline, sat for a moderated Q&A with Dr. Jack West. GRACEcast 306 CA Rx
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http://cance... Immunotherapy Forum Video #12: In Part 2 of 2 videos on this topic, Dr. Michael Atkins explains why immunotherapy appears to be more effective in such cancers as melanoma, lymphomas, and kidney, lung, bladder, and head and neck cancers. GRACEcast 305 CA Rx
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