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Watch the full program here... http://elc.i... This 70-minute interview with Dr David Ilson, a recognized expert in gastric cancer, explores the changing epidemiology of gastric and gastroesophagea​l junction tumors around the world. A thorough and thoughtful discussion about the medical and surgical...
by:imedex | 2426 views
Ana M. Molina, M.D. Genitourinary Oncology Service from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York Gives Advice for Newly Diagnosed Kidney Cancer Patients
by:onclivetv | 1586 views
David Ritchie Newly Diagnosed ALL BTG 2011
by:feeds | 1724 views
G. David Roodman, MD, PhD presents the first Grand Rounds in the Myeloma Practice Essentials series, designed to provide the most current standard of practice information, support tools, and resources for clinicians who treat multiple myeloma. This Grand Rounds discusses Diagnosis, Staging, Risk Stratification, Prognosis, and Response Assessment fo...
by:managingmyeloma | 2555 views
When 32-year-old Christopher was diagnosed with CML, he gave his fiancé the chance to "bow out." Instead, she stuck by him and the couple were married just days after the diagnosis. Now, Christopher has returned to a full life and the couple looks forward to a long life together.
by:patientpower | 1191 views
Dr. Joan Schiller gives a list of questions that a newly diagnosed lung cancer patient should ask their doctor at the 2012 Multidisciplina​ry Symposium in Thoracic Oncology in Chicago. Joan H. Schiller, MD is Professor and Chief of the Hematology/Onco​logy Division at University of Texas Southweste...
by:vitaloptions | 1299 views
When people are first diagnosed with myeloma, they are met with some pretty scary words -- "incurable​" and "shortened lifespan" are terrifying to hear. Patient advocate, Jack Aiello has been living with myeloma for over 18 years and he has a lot of advice and comfort to give to t...
by:patientpower | 2962 views
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