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Dr. Sunil R. Hingorani, associate member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, explains an exciting research advance in pancreatic cancer treatment exploring the use of the agent PEGPH20 (PEGylated Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase) in combination with chemotherapy. He shares the potential br...
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Caregivers often worry that if they reach out for help that they'll lose a sense of privacy. This often leads to isolation and burnout. We need family and friends by our sides. But how do you tell those you love what you need and set the right boundaries? Author Yosaif August talks about how to be c...
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Recent strides in CLL research are leading to new pathways for treatment. In this video, Dr. Jeff Sharman of the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute shares his perspective on the progress in treatment and how he believes that the disease is experiencing a "renaissan​ce." He goes into more detail about advancing treatment approaches--inc​lud...
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Dr. Burton Dickey, is a well known pulmonologist at MD Anderson. After a routine visit with his cardiologist, Dr. Dickey was informed his blood counts were inexplicably down. From working at MD Anderson, Dr. Dickey knew he needed to immediately follow up with Dr. Michael Kroll who sees patients with undiagnosed blood cancers. Dr. Kroll ordered a bo...
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Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, but research findings are beginning to change what used to be a bleak outlook. In this video, Kay Cofrancesco from the Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA) shares information about a string of new approvals and diagnostic tools that are allowing us to identify and ...
by:patientpower | 1655 views
Being diagnosed with any kind of cancer takes an emotional toll. While Hodgkin's lymphoma is often seen as a "good"​; kind of cancer because it is so frequently cured, the emotional blow is still significant. In this video, two patients, Meredith Wooten and Suzanne Hyte, talk about how they processed their initial diagnosis. Also, joining t...
by:patientpower | 1668 views
Dr. Gabriela Chiorean, associate professor of medicine from the University of Washington, shares excitement about progress researchers are making in identifying novel targets and treatment options for pancreatic cancer. She explains a combination chemotherapy treatment that shows promise in extendin...
by:patientpower | 1734 views
As research advances, we are seeing just how important it is to diagnose not only lung cancer, but also its partcular subtype. These refined diagnoses are proving helpful in identifying the most effective treatments, and critical in combating cancers that have grown resistant to certain drugs. In this video, Dr. William Pao from Vanderbilt Ingram C...
by:patientpower | 1839 views
Dr. Larry Norton sits down with Selma Schimmel in The Group Room to discuss the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in cancer treatment. This interview was filmed at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in Chicago 2013. Larry Norton, MD is the Deputy Physician-In-Ch​ief for Breast Cancer Programs, Memorial Sloan-...
by:vitaloptions | 1631 views
When people are first diagnosed with myeloma, they are met with some pretty scary words -- "incurable​" and "shortened lifespan" are terrifying to hear. Patient advocate, Jack Aiello has been living with myeloma for over 18 years and he has a lot of advice and comfort to give to t...
by:patientpower | 2969 views
There is so much promising research coming out about melanoma, but what are doctors still most curious about? Dr. Brian Koffman, a doctor turned patient, interviews Dr. Kim Margolin from the University of Washington and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance at ASCO 2013. Dr. Margolin shares information and progress on some of the toughest challenges in mela...
by:patientpower | 2171 views
Research into immunotherapy—u​sing a patient's own immune system to fight cancer cells—has been developing quickly. So how do these emerging approaches work in treating CLL, a disease that suppresses the immune system? Dr. William Wierda, clinical medical director in the department of leukemia at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, discusses curre...
by:patientpower | 1837 views
There has been a lot of positive news in lung cancer treatment recently. Much research is now coming out about molecularly defined subsets of lung cancer and how important these markers are in choosing the right treatment. In this video, Dr. William Pao of the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center explain...
by:patientpower | 1899 views
Receiving the news that the Hodgkin Lymphoma relapsed can be devastating and cause a feeling of uncertainty especially with more aggressive treatments and medications are required. What are your treatment options? What is an autologous stem cell transplant? Patient advocates Meredith Wooten and Suzanne Hyte talk about their treatments and the chall...
by:patientpower | 1709 views
Cancer treatments not only take an emotional and physical toll, but also financial. Especially when it comes back. Hodgkin patient advocates Meredith Wooten and Suzanne Hyte talk about their financial journey and challenges they faced. Also, hear from John Sweetenham, MD and John Sayler, PA about th...
by:patientpower | 1721 views
Promising new study results of CLL medicines were released at the 2013 European Hematology Association (EHA) meeting in Stockholm. They covered a mix of new oral non-chemo medicines, infused monoclonal antibodies, and oral chemotherapy regimens. The question now is: With so many effective CLL treatments available, both novel and traditional, how do...
by:patientpower | 1974 views
What's more important: Quality of life or survival rate and tumor reduction? It's not a simple answer. Targeted therapies are being looked at closely for their effectiveness and how well lung cancer patients feel while going through treatment. In this video, two medical professionals—D​r. William Pao...
by:patientpower | 1724 views
The only way new treatments can be developed is if they are tested in clinical trials. In this video, CML patient and leading patient advocate Jan Geissler shares his views on why patients today should not only consider participating in a trial but they should also advocate for research support from patients, physicians and government. He shares ho...
by:patientpower | 3115 views
Sequencing and combining therapies are leading to better outcomes for prostate cancer patients. Dr. Larry Karsh, director of Clinical Research at the Urology Center of Colorado, discusses the important clinical research advances -- from chemotherapy to immunotherapy, androgen receptor blockers to ne...
by:patientpower | 1364 views
Nobody wants to take chemotherapy if they don't have to. There are usually side effects and healthy cells are damaged along with the cancerous ones. Targeted, more precise therapies are much more desirable if they can be effective at knocking the cancer back. Dr. Joshi Alumkal, from the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science Universit...
by:patientpower | 1575 views
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