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Dr. Jeffrey Matous, medical director of the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute, explores treatment options for people who have experienced a Hodgkin lymphoma relapse. Dr. Matous discusses treatment a variety of approaches, including chemotherapy, transplantation and promising combination therapies. ...
by:patientpower | 30 views
How can cancer affect intimacy? Hodgkin lymphoma patient George Florentine shares his own experience and his advice for communicating with your partner. Megan Andersen, a nurse practitioner, and Rebekkah Erks, a social worker, join the conversation to offer strategies for getting past the embarrassment to have an open conversation with your healthc...
by:patientpower | 21 views
A patient poses a question about whether a bone biopsy is the only way to examine whether the cancer is "diminishi​ng" when it's light-chain only. Dr. Thomas Martin, a myeloma expert from UCSF, talks about the serum-free light-chain test and what this means for estimating the path of the ...
by:patientpower | 29 views
Diagnosed with myeloma in 2008, retired teacher Cynthia Chmielewski has moved on to a new group of students: myeloma patients and their caregivers. Working with myeloma patient advocacy groups to mentor and educate other patients, Cynthia has earned the nickname the "myeloma teacher." K...
by:patientpower | 53 views
How does the continued emergence of new drugs impact the use of stem cell transplant for myeloma patients? Dr. Gareth Morgan, a leading researcher at The Royal Marsden in the United Kingdom, suggests that the standard therapies available today will continue to offer good results for standard-risk pa...
by:patientpower | 44 views
The BioZorb™ three-dimension​al surgical marker improved the ability of radiation oncologists to target radiation treatment for breast cancer, according to a scientific presentation at the 2014 American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) Annual Meeting by radiation oncologist Robert Kuske, M.D.
by:FocalTherapeutics | 75 views
7° Riunione Nazionale A.I.G. Associazione Italiana GIST Onlus Bologna, 29 marzo 2014
by:gistonline | 85 views
CLL expert Dr. Januario Castro is joined by nurse practitioner Alice Lynn, and social worker Ann Goldfarb, to discuss the challenges and coping mechanisms during the watch-and-wait period. Many patients, while in watch and wait often wonder, when will it be time to start treatment? How cautious or concerned should I be about my immune system? The e...
by:patientpower | 76 views
Dr. Jorge Cortes of MD Anderson Cancer Center provides an overview of the current available treatments for myeloproliferat​ive neoplasms (MPNs). He discusses the ultimate goal of treatment, elimination of the disease, which is difficult to do, and the goal thereafter—cont​rol the symptoms or the problem the patient is having. Dr. Cortes goes on to di...
by:patientpower | 72 views
MPN expert, Dr. Jorge Cortes, from MD Anderson Cancer Center helps viewers to understand JAK in relation to myeloproliferat​ive neoplasms. What exactly is JAK? How does JAK function? And what are JAK inhibitors? Produced in association with MD Anderson Cancer Center Get email alerts | http://www.p... Subscribe on You...
by:patientpower | 70 views
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