Melanoma and Skin Cancer

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Download from iTunes: https://itun.... Cancer immunotherapy treats the immune system rather than the tumor. Jim Allison, Ph.D., professor in Immunology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, has developed an innovative appro...
by:mdanderson | 151 views
Payton was diagnosed with melanoma when she was six years old. She returns to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center once a year for her annual check-up and exam. Today she met with Dennis Hughes, M.D., Ph.D., and discussed the challenges that children and teens face when it comes to ...
by:mdanderson | 249 views
This series of interviews with eight expert faculty is filmed on location during the 2014 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual meeting, where the most current cancer data is presented and examined. Following the scientific sessions, Dr. James Epstein reviews and explores some of the most significant research findings in multiple tumo...
by:imedex | 385 views
Cancer is a word that scares everyone, but Hilde Stapleton has redefined the word by taking fear out of it and living a full life by focusing on things that make her happy. Hilde talks about her constant self-discovery post-cancer and various activities in which she channels ways to happiness, including being a CanCare volunteer and counseling othe...
by:patientpower | 151 views
Hilde Stapleton, an avid painter, mother of three supportive children Kristianna, Sunny, and Sam, and husband George of over two decades, received a diagnosis that would forever change their lives as a family. On a trip back to Norway, Hilde noticed an inflamed lump that just wouldn't go away. After seeing her general practitioner, he told her he f...
by:patientpower | 154 views
Dr. Sylvia Lee, medical oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discusses a Phase II trial underway focusing on TIL therapy or tumor infiltrating lymphocytes for metastatic melanoma patients. Dr. Lee helps us understand what the therapy is, how it works, and why patients with advanced disease sh...
by:patientpower | 248 views
Memorial Sloan Kettering physicians discuss the power and potential of a new nanotechnology-​based optical imaging system, the Artemis camera, to help guide cancer surgeries.
by:mskcc | 298 views
See the entire library of Frequently Asked Questions in Resectable Melanoma at the prIME Oncology website: http://www.p...
by:feeds | 674 views
View the full video on the prIME Oncology Website here: http://www.p... Alexander Eggermont and Dirk Schadendorf discuss updates in the use of immunotherapies for the treatment of metastatic melanoma presented at the 2...
by:feeds | 1031 views
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in September 2012 launched its Moon Shots Program, an ambitious and comprehensive action plan to dramatically accelerate the pace of converting scientific discoveres into clinical advances that reduce cancer deaths. Initial moon shot cancers are brea...
by:mdanderson | 2381 views

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