Soft Tissue Sarcoma

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To view more free videos - visit www.oncology... Profiling of protein expression, gene copy variations and mutations identified clinically relevant alterations in 99% of sarcomas. Given the overexpression of TOPO2 in approximately 50% of sarcomas, its utility as a biomarker of sensitivity to anthracyclines should be studied, especially...
by:oncologyeducation | 305 views
Dr. Robin Jones, a sarcoma expert at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, explains how a historically tough disease to treat is now no longer a life-threatenin​g disease, but in many patients, a chronic condition. Dr. Jones details his research on long-tern disease survival, why treating this cancer can be challenging and his hopes of building on current p...
by:patientpower | 307 views
Don Sharpe sits down with Dr. Brian Van Tine, MD PhD or Washington University to talk about Management and Treatment of Sarcoma.
by:obroncology | 746 views
Medical oncologists William Tap and Ping Chi describe an investigational combination therapy for untreated advanced gastrointestina​l stromal tumors.
by:mskcc | 438 views
Markus Wartenberg, Sarcoma Patients EuroNet, and Paolo Casali, Chair of the ESMO Public Policy Committee , look at the growingly-dynam​ic group of research advocates within Europe, how these groups are changing and expanding, and how global networks can help these groups to evolve even further.
by:vitaloptions | 1423 views
Markus Wartenberg, Sarcoma Patients EuroNet, talks about the heightened challenges facing patients with rare cancers including access to and availability of rare cancer clinical trials. He also suggests that patient organisations should be playing a role in informing patients about these important...
by:vitaloptions | 669 views
This video describes a clinical case of 78 year old woman who suffered from abdominal and pelvic tumor with multiple localization. CT scan found masses in retroperitoneal space, left ileac area and ileocecalis angle. We performed radical surgery in June 2013 ( there is a mistake in slides). After that she she received 4 courses of adjuvant chemothe...
by:ilyagotsadze | 1246 views
Surgery for retroperitoneal tumors in many cases is a real challenge. In this case huge mass was observed under right hepatic lobe with shifting hepatododenal ligament and pressing VCI. Also the bleeding fistula between duodenum and sarcoma was diagnosed. We performed tumor removal with Whippl...
by:ilyagotsadze | 1032 views
Drs. Darin Davidson and Robin Jones, sarcoma experts at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, discuss the importance of seeking treatment by a multidisciplina​ry team at a specialized center to provide the best outcomes for patients. They also explain the newest diagnostic tools available for this rare form of cancer. Get email alerts | http://w...
by:patientpower | 903 views
Dr. Nikhil Khushalani, Section Chief of Soft Tissue and Melanoma & Director of the IL-2 Program, Department of Medicine, RPCI, explains two of the ongoing clinical research studies at Roswell Park Cancer Institute that hold promise for finding new ways to treat soft tissue sarcoma.
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