Lung Cancer at the Advent of Targeted Therapy - Milestones in Oncology

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Description: A dialogue with Dr. Thomas Lynch, Dr. Mario Lacouture, and Dr. Bruce Chabner
With the development of new targeted drugs that exploit differences in gene expression between malignant and normal cells, conventional treatment of non-small cell lung cancer is undergoing a renaissance. To explore the impacts of contemporary drugs on lung cancer and to describe some of their side effects in patients, we are pleased to introduce two innovators who are at the leading edge of this Milestone in Oncology. "Lung Cancer ... at the advent of targeted therapy," is the topic that our interlocutor Dr. Bruce Chabner will discuss with Dr. Tom Lynch, a clinical investigator whose research is lengthening high quality life for lung cancer patients. We are doubly fortunate to also welcome Dr. Mario Lacouture whose research focuses on the dermatological disorders that arise in cancer patients as a consequence of some therapy.
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Posted on : 05/05/11
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