Interview with Dr. Laurence Klotz on plans for new clinical trials in prostate cancer

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Description: Laurence Klotz, M.D., a urologic oncologist at the University of Toronto's Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, says planning is underway for a second clinical trial using an investigational transurethral ultrasound device developed at Sunnybrook to ablate prostate cancer.
The new study will build on the results of a 2009-2010 clinical trial that assessed the device's ability to deliver ultrasound energy to a targeted area within the prostate. Klotz explains. "We found that the correlation is very tight. All the tissue that was destroyed was within about a millimeter of our target."
In the first study, eight patients were treated with the device and then had a radical prostatectomy.
Patients participating in the new study will have their cancer targeted by the device and then undergo a prostatectomy. Post-surgical assessment will determine if the device effectively destroyed their cancer.
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Posted on : 05/10/11
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