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How Advanced Medicine Beat My Oral Cancer

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Description: In February of 2010, Lydia felt like a big pill was stuck in her throat for weeks. When she went to the doctor, they discovered that she had a tumor at the base of her tongue, and was told that she would be in for intense cancer treatment. A former Seattle resident, Lydia decided to have her records sent to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Her doctor in Alaska, Dr. Halligan, took the records to Seattle himself and had two radiation oncologists review it. A third doctor took the records to the board and suggested Dr. Eduardo Mendez could do the surgery. Lydia met with Dr. Mendez who was confident that he could perform robotic surgery and remove the tumor. On April 23rd, 2010, Dr. Mendez performed a surgery lasting only 55 minutes. There was no lymph node involvement and Lydia did not have to go undergo chemotherapy or radiation. Today Lydia is doing well and cannot have enough good things to say about Dr. Mendez and her care at UW Medical Center.
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Posted on : 06/27/11
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