Dr. Caligiuri talks about allocating resources to win the fight against cancer

Description: Dr. Michael Caligiuri, M.D., director of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and CEO of the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, on allocating resources to win the fight against cancer. It was a little simpler with AIDS and HIV because there was one virus that caused the disease. Cancer, each type of cancer, one goes through the organ systems brain cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer each type has at least 100 causes. So, understanding each of those causes just like we understood that virus and then attacking it with knowledge with the pharmaceutical industry, with the government agencies, NIH, etc. is the way we have to go. So you got over 1,000 causes of cancer, so itll take longer. But the same principles apply as applied to that single cause of HIV. It's just more complex, it's more heterogeneous, it's more mixed. But we can have scientists working on each of those causes and come up with ways to detect it earlier, ways to prevent it and ultimately ways to treat it.
There are over 1,000 causes, so we need a thousandfold greater effort. At the biology, at the detection, at the prevention and the treatment. And right now our government is not doing that.
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