A Long Life Ahead with Sickle Cell Disease: Choices in Treatment and Transplant

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Description: Dr. M.A. Bender, Director of the Odessa Brown Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, helps parents understand what they're dealing with when their newborn is diagnosed with one of the many types of sickle cell disease. In addition to encouraging parents to take an active role in the management of their childrens' sickle cell disease and discussing treatment with hydroxyurea, Dr. Bender also suggests that families explore the option of stem cell transplant -- the only curative therapy for sickle cell disease. While a transplant can be a more difficult road in the short term, Dr. Bender suggests that for many patients, it can be the best option for a long, healthy life.
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Posted on : 03/20/12
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