Bendamustine: A Less Toxic Therapy for CLL? - 100038


Bendamustine: A Less Toxic Therapy for CLL?

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Description: Bendamustine, a drug developed over 50 years ago in the former East Germany, is finding new life for the treatment of CLL. Already used by many physicians in Germany, bendamustine has been used both as a single agent, replacing chlorambasil, and in combination with rituximab (BR), replacing FCR. In this video, Dr. Mathias Rummel explains ongoing trials for various treatment paradigms using bendamustine. He describes results that show bendamustine may help patients avoid higher levels of toxicity associated with older chemotherapy drugs. Dr. Rummel also touches on research using bendamustine with newer agents in trials such as GS-1101 (formerly Cal-101).
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Posted on : 05/25/12
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