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New Guide for Patients: Understanding Cancer Clinical Trials

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Description: Dr. Tomasz Beer has worked with hundreds of cancer patients over his career, including many who choose to participate in clinical trials. Through talking to these patients, he has learned to understand the concerns that patients and their family members have when deciding whether or not participation is right for them. In the new book, Cancer Clinical Trials: A Commonsense Guide to Experimental Cancer Therapies and Clinical Trials, Larry Axmaker, a three time clinical trial participant, and Dr. Beer attempt to "demystify" the world of clinical trials; to empower patients and help them feel confident discussing all of their treatment options; ultimately, to get the care that's right for them. As Dr. Beer says in this interview, patients are "taking greater responsibility for their healthcare decisions... the field is moving extremely rapidly... nobody's going to think about one's cancer as much as the patient him or her self."
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Posted on : 06/15/12
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