Video Viewpoint on Community Oncology Clinical Debates: Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (Part 1)

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Description: This video roundtable discussion brings together a panel of expert thought leaders to address the latest clinical updates on the treatment of patients with CML in the frontline and relapsed settings. Key elements of this program will highlight many of the clinical challenges faced by physicians as they select appropriate therapeutic regimens for their patients. Clinical perspectives will be discussed regarding the importance of response criteria, clinical monitoring of treatment failure/suboptimal response/disease resistance, timing for switching therapy to obtain maximum therapeutic benefit, the significance of BCR-ABL mutational analysis in patients, and how this can assist in selecting therapy and designing individualized approaches to managing CML.

Video-recorded roundtable discussions (video viewpoinsts or V2) provide valuable insight from key thought leading faculty on important topics in oncology education, optimal cancer treatment, and strategies for incorporating research advances into clinical practice.

This video viewpoint is a NON-CERTIFIED educational resource to enhance your practice and training.

Michael W. N. Deininger, MD, PhD (Chairperson)
 Huntsman Cancer Institute
 University of Utah
Jerald P. Radich, MD
 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Gail J. Roboz, MD
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

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