Understanding Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials: Targeting Cancer in a Better Way

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Description: In this Skype interview, Dr. Lynn Matrisian, vice president of Scientific and Medical Affairs and, Anitra Talley, director of Patient Services & Medical Relations at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, talks about ongoing clinical trials for patients living with various stages of pancreatic cancer. Dr. Matrisian discusses a range of active clinical trials, including improved trials and trials testing new concepts. Anitra talks about upcoming events and how patients and families can get support through the organizations Patient and Liaison Services, a service that provides the most up to date information needed to make informed decisions, including information on clinical trials, diet and nutrition and much more. If this disease has affected you or a loved one, watch to learn more about current research and realistic expectations when joining clinical trials. In Dr. Matrisian's own words: "The best care that you can get whether you're actually getting the experimental treatment or not is to go on a clinical trial, because you will get the very best care available for that particular stage of the disease and then have the opportunity to see if something else is better."
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Posted on : 08/29/12
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