Myeloma: Control or Cure? Dr. Barlogie's Perspective

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Description: With the emergence of multiple myeloma treatments in favor of making the disease a chronic condition, many question whether a cure is a priority. Dr. Bart Barlogie, a noted myeloma expert from the University of Arkansas (UAMS), shares his thoughts on the curability of myeloma and controversy surrounding treatment motives. He speaks in depth about the challenges of measuring curability--including co-morbidity--and why the approach of treatment with novel agents for high-risk patients must be reevaluated. Dr. Barlogie talks about successful remissions, unfortunate relapses, overall survival and learnings throughout his career. As the debate continues among experts, Dr. Barlogie helps us understand what Myelodysplasia (MDS) and transplant mean for patients living with multiple myeloma in an ever changing treatment landscape.
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Posted on : 09/28/12
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