Breast cancer survivor Rachel Midgett shares her thoughts on the Moon Shots Program

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Description: Rachel Midgett was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2009. Upon visiting her oncologist at MD Anderson, Dr. Jennifer Litton, she found out that the cancer had metastasized to her liver. She immediately started chemotherapy. During the next two years, she went through many different therapies. She was ER/PR (estrogen/progesterone receptor) positive, so there were lots of things to try: Taxol, FAC, Tamoxifen, Abraxane and Xeloda. They all worked to shrink her liver lesions, but unfortunately none worked for very longer than three or four months.

Dr. Litton decided to send Rachel to the Clinical Center for Targeted Therapy, which had a few Phase I clinical trial options for her to try. She met Dr. Jennifer Wheler and started her first clinical trial with Afinitor and Arimidex and had phenomenal results. Her lesions shrunk by 51% and stayed that way for a whole year. She is now in her second clinical trial with Taxol and MLN8237, which is an aurora kinase inhibitor. She had her first CT scan and the results were very positive.

Rachel was one of many patients in attendance at the moon shots announcement and she shares a few thoughts in the above video.

You can read more about Rachel's journey here:
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