How to Cope Emotionally with Relapsed Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma

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Description: After enduring difficult initial treatments, patient advocates Meredith Wooten and Suzanne Hyte found small lumps on their collar bones. Tests confirmed the unimaginable: Their cancer had returned. Hodgkin lymphoma has a high cure rate, but Meredith and Suzanne were now part of the small percentage of the relapsed refractory population. Hear these courageous women talk about their reaction the news and how they dealt with the frustration, anger and fear of having to go through treatment again. In addition, Hodgkins experts Dr. John Sweetenham and Dr. John Saylor discuss common relapse symptoms and the importance of taking aggressive steps to control the disease. Watch now.

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Posted on : 05/23/13
Added : 5 years ago
Category : News