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06-Epidemiology Study-Interview with Dr. Roberd Bostick

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Dr. Roberd Bostick is a professor of epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health and Professor of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Emory University's School of Medicine and Winship Cancer Institute. Dr. Bostick is interested in a wide range of topics surrounding the epidemiology of cancer and cancer biomarkers.  He is working to help develop simple tests that would indicate a person was at risk for developing cancer.  In this interview he talks with us about his research into the relationship between diet and cancer. He also discussed the important topic of how the public should interpret medical information presented in the news and popular press.

In this clip, Dr. Bostick shares how he uses epidemiology to study cancer.

To learn more about cancer and watch additional interviews, please visit the CancerQuest website at http://www.cancerquest.org...
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Posted on : 09/03/13
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