2013 05 14 NYU CHIBI Dr Ruggles Deciphering Breast Cancer Proteogenomics Using Bioinformatics

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Description: To address the need for novel approaches in breast cancer prevention and early detection we have developed informatics based tools for the study of tumor proteogenomics and biomarker identification. This talk will focus on the development of two analysis pipelines. The first automates the selection and validation of peptides and transitions for targeted quantitative mass spectrometry. This method is currently being implemented in multiplexed assays for breast tumor protein quantitation. Our second pipeline integrates large scale genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic information to study proteomic changes specific to cancer biology. This is carried out through the creation of tumor- specific sequence collections representing somatic alterations on the tumor proteome, which are being used for protein identification and biomarker discovery.
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Posted on : 09/09/13
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