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Brian Shuch, MD Assistant Professor of Urology and Radiology Yale School of Medicine presents Management of Kidney Cancer in Young Patients at the Kidney Cancer Association meeting in Chicago
by:kidneycancer | 8 views
E. Jason Abel MD, FACS of the University of Wisconsin presents Renal mass biopsy for risk stratification in RCC: benefits and limitations at the Kidney Cancer Association meeting in Chicago.
by:kidneycancer | 5 views
Mark Purdue, PhD Ontario Institute for Cancer Research discusses Epidemiology and Genomics of Renal Cell Carcinoma at the Kidney Cancer Association meeting in Chicago
by:kidneycancer | 4 views
Projecting Individual Probability for Developing Renal Cell Cancer presented by Xifeng Wu, MD, PHD, Professor and Chair Departmen​t of Epidemiology Betty B. Marcus Chair in Cancer Prevention Director, Center for Translational and Public Health Genomics at the annual Kidney Cancer Association meetin...
by:kidneycancer | 11 views
Raquel Nunes, M.D., medical oncologist at the Washington Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C., discusses a study she co-authored that examined African-America​n women with breast cancer. The study showed these women frequently have a form of the disease that has a high risk of recurrence. The researc...
by:Agendia | 93 views
Noted oncologist Massimo Cristofanilli, M.D. discusses research he co-authored that compared molecular subtyping of breast cancer (with Agendia’s MammaPrint and BluePrint) to traditional clinical pathology methods. Molecular subtyping is used to better match patients to the most effective therapy. The study of more than 300 patients found that mole...
by:Agendia | 44 views
Breast cancer patient Cari Grundman explains how Agendia’s MammaPrint genomic test helped her get her disease treated appropriately. Cari’s physicians initially analyzed her cancer with the 21-gene genomic test. Unfortunately, Cari’s results fell in that test’s “intermediate” zone, meaning it was un...
by:Agendia | 70 views
Breast cancer patient Lisa Hill discusses her experience with Agendia’s MammaPrint molecular test for breast cancer recurrence risk. MammaPrint showed her cancer had a low risk of recurrence so she could safely avoid chemotherapy. Lisa describes how she watched a friend suffer with severe side-effects from chemotherapy and dreaded that her own life...
by:Agendia | 71 views
http://cance... Acquired Resistance Forum Video #9: Dr. Alice Shaw of Massachusetts General Hospital detailed for patients the so-called "next generation"​; ALK/ROS1 inhibitors, both those commercially available and those still in development. GRACEcast 282 Lung
by:cancergrace | 17 views
John Link, M.D., author of Take Charge of Your Breast Cancer and co-author of The Breast Cancer Survival Manual, explains the importance of determining the molecular subtype of a patient’s breast cancer. Molecular subtyping is used to guide patients to the most effective therapy for their form of cancer. Agendia’s BluePrint and MammaPrint genomic t...
by:Agendia | 48 views

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