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As chief of the lymphoma/myelom​a service at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, Dr. Myron Czuczman, is feeling very positive about the latest developments in fighting lymphomas. In this thoughtful interview, recorded at the 2014 International Workshop on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (iwNHL),...
by:patientpower | 16 views
Gwyneth Stafford CLL & Lymphoma Nurse Specialist at Cambridge University Hospitals gives her perspective on the challenges that CLL patients experience when managing their symptoms. A theme running through the video is the importance of keeping the medical team informed and working together to find strategies and support to reduce impact. Q...
by:PatientPowerEU | 23 views
http://cance... Does it make sense to do molecular testing on early stage lung cancer patients? Dr. Taofeek Owonikoko of Emory University School of Medicine and the Winship Cancer Institute thinks it does in some settings. February 2014 GRACEcast 267 Lung
by:cancergrace | 37 views
With many therapy options to consider, how can patients best discuss their CLL treatment options with their doctor? A CLL expert from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Dr. David Maloney, discusses his approach to determining when to treat and what factors—includi​ng age and pre-existing conditions—he con...
by:patientpower | 37 views
MPN symptoms can be ver frustrating for MPN patients. At our recent MPN Forum in Chicago, Dr. Brady Stein from Northwestern Medicine and Dr. Alison Moliterno from Johns Hopkins Medicine discuss one of the most common MPN symptoms, itching. The experts share what they know about why itching occurs and some possible remedies. Get email alerts ...
by:patientpower | 35 views
Doctors and patients alike have shown excitement over a new generation of novel agents for the treatment of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that allows some patients to take continuous, oral medications with less toxicity than traditional chemotherapy. While these drugs may offer kinder, gentler treatment path...
by:patientpower | 81 views
What are granulocytes, and how do they impact your lab results? Laboratory scientist Dr. Susan Leclair helps us understand the function of some white blood cells (WBC), how they are counted, and how certain strenuous activities may impact your lab test results. Get email alerts | http://www.......
by:patientpower | 40 views
When is it time to consider treatment? How and what symptoms do you communicate to your healthcare team? At our recent MPN Forum in Chicago, Dr. Alison Moliterno, Dr. Brady Stein and Nurse Clinician, Amy Brich, address the questions surrounding treatment considerations. The experts explore the sympt...
by:patientpower | 56 views
http://cance... Will the success seen for stage IV patients receiving targeted therapies translate into cure for stage III patients? Dr. Daniel Morgensztern of the Washington University School of Medicine talks about what research is ongoing to answer that question. GRACEcast 266 Lung
by:cancergrace | 222 views
In this video Professor Chris Pepper of The Cardiff CLL Research Group, Institute of Cancer & Genetics at Cardiff University tells us a little about himself and how he became involved in CLL research, the work of the CLL research team and the Cancer Research Genetics Building and provides us wit...
by:PatientPowerEU | 244 views

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