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A patient relates the advantages of having the BioZorb tissue marker as part of her breast cancer treatment. Breast surgeon Linda Smith explains how the tiny device can help improve the cosmetic results of breast surgery.
by:FocalTherapeutics | 22 views
When discussing MPN treatments, transplant often is discussed. Terms like stem cell, autologous and bone marrow get thrown around, but what does it all mean? Dr. David Snyder from City of Hope and Dr. Bart Scott from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance differentiate between the types of transplant and expl...
by:patientpower | 37 views
Being diagnosed with cancer can be scary for the patient, but the diagnosis can also have an impact on the rest of the family. When Rob Beck’s wife, Tish, was diagnosed with sarcoma he took charge to help her cope and get through the difficult times. Rob shares his experience following along with Tish during her treatment, how the rest of his famil...
by:patientpower | 27 views
In some cases, doctors recommend radiation to reduce the size of the spleen. What does that mean for the patient? What can they expect? Dr. Alison Moliterno from Johns Hopkins and Dr. Brady Stein from Northwestern Medicine give their opinions on how radiation to treat enlarged spleens may affect patients. Get email alerts | http://www.p......
by:patientpower | 73 views
WKRN-TV in Nashville covers an important study of BluePrint, a molecular test for individualizing treatment of breast cancer patients, and interviews Nashville-based researcher Pat Whitworth, M.D. Also interviewed is patient Nina Vowell, who chose a treatment approach made possible by tests like BluePrint. She first received pre-operative chemother...
by:Agendia | 61 views
This edition of KMIR-TV’s “Your Health Matters” describes BluePrint and MammaPrint, molecular tests for breast cancer that help match patients to the most effective treatments for their form of the disease. Surgical oncologist Laura Lee notes that molecular tests help physicians identify which breas...
by:Agendia | 86 views
Parves Mantry, Hepatologist, Methodist Dallas Medical Center introduces the multidisciplina​ry medical team and how they work together. This includes medical oncology, interventional radiology, hepatology, and surgical oncology and how they work together to better treat cancers of the liver.
by:SayYEStoHOPE | 50 views
http://cance... November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. To mark it this year, GRACE is celebrating the empowered lung cancer patient. In this video, Linnea Duff, a 10-year stage IV ALK+ lung cancer patient, shares her journey from stunned patient to empowered patient. GRACEcast 291 Lung
by:cancergrace | 61 views
Latest Lung Cancer Updates from ESMO 2014 - Chemotherapy Advances by Dr. Sunil Verma
by:oncologyeducation | 57 views
Latest Lung Cancer Updates from ESMO 2014 - Advances in ALK Positive NSCLC by Dr. Sunil Verma
by:oncologyeducation | 79 views
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