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In this video Professor Chris Pepper of The Cardiff CLL Research Group, Institute of Cancer & Genetics at Cardiff University tells us a little about himself and how he became involved in CLL research, the work of the CLL research team and the Cancer Research Genetics Building and provides us wit...
by:PatientPowerEU | 6 views
Different drug combinations have different toxicity profiles, associated complications and efficacy. Requiring lengthy discussion between patients and their doctor and treatment at a centre experienced in their delivery and care of patients being treated with them. Q1) Many patient’s have hea...
by:PatientPowerEU | 12 views
The new targeted therapies will require discipline and engagement by patients to ensure they take their medications to stay in remission. Longer term the research community is working towards novel none chemo combinations that may produce a durable MRD status, removing the need then for continued m...
by:PatientPowerEU | 11 views
Much discussion is required between the patient and doctor when understanding where you are, as tests may be better at predicting for populations and there is much individual variation to consider. Q1) What are the most important clinical tests for CLL patients to take? Q2) What genetic techniqu...
by:PatientPowerEU | 11 views
One of the deadliest skin cancers is melanoma, and sadly it’s on the rise. It’s important to protect ourselves year-round from harmful sunrays. Dr. Sapna Patel, an assistant professor of melanoma at MD Anderson Cancer Center, shares tips for protecting yourself and your loved ones against melanoma. She explains what you should look for when buying ...
by:patientpower | 22 views
Patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation may be at risk for Oral Mucositis, a condition characterized by redness, inflammation and ulcer like sores throughout the mouth and throat. Oral Mucositis can be extremely painful and may also lead to infection. The following tips can be hel...
by:DARABioSciences | 48 views
http://cance... A current clinical trial (as of May 2014) asks if adding veliparib to chemo will increase progression free survival for late stage small cell lung cancer patients. For more information, visit and enter "ECOG 2511" in the search box. GRACEcas...
by:cancergrace | 46 views
Is age a factor when choosing an MPN treatment? Dr. Alison Moliterno from Johns Hopkins Medicine and Dr. Brady Stein from Northwestern Medicine explain the role that age plays in the progression and treatment of myeloproliferat​ive neoplasms (MPNs). Dr. Stein elaborates on how the vascular system is ...
by:patientpower | 76 views
A few months ago at the age of 71, Margo Sorgman was diagnosed with an MPN, polycythemia vera (PV). She shares her story of learning about the condition, meeting with Dr. Brady Stein, and how she’s doing today. Margo talks about why it’s important to “not sweat the small stuff” and why she’s hopeful about the future. Get email alerts | http...
by:patientpower | 29 views
When is it appropriate for an MPN patient to consider a clinical trial? MPN expert Dr. Brady Stein from Northwestern Medicine discusses how the latest studies of interferon are affecting MPN treatment and describes the pros and cons of participating in a clinical trial. Dr. Alison Moliterno from Johns Hopkins Medicine then weighs in on patients tha...
by:patientpower | 28 views

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