Can We Reprogram T-Cells to Fight Myeloma Cells? - 100038


Can We Reprogram T-Cells to Fight Myeloma Cells?

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Description: In some other cancers, researchers have learned to engineer human T lymphocytes to identify and attack malignant cells, a therapy with the potential to treat cancer with lower toxicity. Could this approach work for multiple myeloma too? In this video, Dr. Robert Orlowski explains briefly how Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) work and how they retrain the immune system as well as what challenges lay ahead in bringing this approach to multiple myeloma treatment.

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Dr. Orlowski is Director of Myeloma and the Florence Thomas Cancer Professor of Medicine, at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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Posted on : 05/28/14
Added : 4 years ago
Category : Multiple Myeloma