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Decades of Successful Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

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Description: Terry has been living with multiple myeloma for more than 15 years. He explained that when he had been diagnosed there were no treatments available. Terry and his wife, Diane, tackled his cancer diagnosis head-on and took control of Terry’s care. If Terry did nothing, he probably had two years to live. The idea of a transplant did not sound good to him as he learned about new drug that was about to begin a clinical trial, the drug lenalidomide (Revlimid), Terry was the first person in the trial for this drug. Listen as Terry and Diane speak about their own experience with multiple myeloma and their insights for other patients. Today Terry is just taking one pill a day and is living a good life, including a total of 11 grandchildren and another on the way.

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Posted on : 06/08/17
Added : 9 months ago
Category : Multiple Myeloma


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