Off-the-shelf anti-CD7 CAR T-cells for T-cell malignancies - 101793


Off-the-shelf anti-CD7 CAR T-cells for T-cell malignancies

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Description: CAR T-cells are a very promising therapeutic for hematological malignancies, with more in development for B-cell compared with T-cell malignancies. At the 1st International Workshop on Acute Leukemias (iwAL), held in St. Pete Beach, FL, John DiPersio, MD, PhD, of Washington University School of Medicine, Washington, WA, presented exciting pre-clinical data for an off-the-shelf anti-CD7 CAR T-cell product for T-cell malignancies. In this panel discussion, recorded during the meeting, Richard Stone, MD, of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, is joined by session speakers Naval Daver, MD, from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, Prof. John DiPersio and Noelle Frey, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. The panel cover the exciting pre-clinical data for off-the-shelf anti-CD7 CAR T-cells discussed during Prof. DiPersio’s talk, including the rationale, technique and limitations. To round-up, the speakers give their opinion on the most exciting clinical immunotherapy research in their field.
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Posted on : 03/01/18
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