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Segment 4: Panel Case Discussion

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Description: Several questions revolve around the best practices in screening, risk assessment, and management of early-stage prostate cancer. The inherent risks of over-diagnosis and over-treatment following PSA screening has triggered controversial discussions regarding the use of routine screening. Similarly, updated clinical guidelines are recommending the use of active surveillance for low-risk early prostate cancer based on data from recent studies. Furthermore, several new tools have been developed to more accurately assess prostate cancer risk and potential aggressiveness. The Doctalk: A Discussion about Screening, Risk Assessment, and Surveillance in Prostate Cancer is designed to inform community oncologists, urologists, and other health-care providers about recent controversies and evolving trends in prostate cancer screening and risk assessment, and their potential impact on routine clinical practice.

In this segment, the panel discuss a case of prostate cancer and apply the lessons learned in previous presentations to formulate a treatment approach.

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