Traveling for a Clinical Trial: Risks, Resources and Results - 100038


Traveling for a Clinical Trial: Risks, Resources and Results

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Description: Are you considering participating in a clinical trial? Are there trials available that are suitable for your condition and convenient to get to? Finding resources to help navigate the treatment opportunity can be difficult, but listen in to hear from Dr. Heather Wakelee, Director of the Stanford Cancer Clinical Trials Office and Professor of Medicine in the Division of Oncology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, as she explains what patients should be aware of when setting out to do a trial. Tricia Holtz, a Clinical Trial Navigator with Emerging Med, shares how patients can become connected with an appropriate trial for their unique condition and circumstance. Roberta Aberle, patient advocate and survivor, also discusses her experience engaging in a clinical trial and gives newly diagnosed patients advice with the perspective she’s gained.

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Posted on : 11/16/17
Added : 2 months ago
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