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Winning the Battle Against Thyroid Cancer!

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Description: Kim was just 27-years-old when she was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In April 1998, Kim had a complete thyroidectomy. They removed nine lymph nodes out of her neck. Around July 1998, they went back in and did a CT scan and two days before Kim's wedding, her surgeon called and nonchalantly gave her the results of the scan. He indicated two small black marks were observed on her lungs and told her not to worry about the spots. He suggested she come back to see him after her honeymoon, as it was not a cause for great concern. She then scheduled an appointment shortly thereafter to review the x-rays, only to find out her lungs were completely engulfed with cancer – Kim was horrified, and decided to seek the expertise of doctors at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Kim is so happy she made that decision, one she believes saved her life.
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Posted on : 06/27/11
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