Promising immunotherapy currently under evaluation for advance gynecologic cancers #SGOmtg

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Description: Michael J. Birrer, MD of Massachusetts General Hospital discusses promising immunotherapy currently under evaluation for advance gynecologic cancers at SGO 2016.


Well I think the checkpoint hitters are the hot ones partly because they they've got eggs terrific track record and other tumors into easy to give their antibodies but it's been a long track record of immunotherapy. In gynecologic cancers the the. Pennsylvania group where George Lucas was now Georges and in Switzerland was doing adopted TCL approaches and there were some promising results with that the problem is it's it's. Resource intensive credibly expensive and toxic. But that's still being at still being approach Carty. Which has had a very impressive splash with childhood. Cancers I know for a fact there's a trial in ovarian cancer targeting I believe mesothelioma has the target. Cleanly done say up in Roswell has multiple immunotherapy trials. Some of which are vaccine based. I think one of the clever approaches which we are trying to design now in other centers are is. To take over in cancer the time of of the bulking so there's lots of tumor and do whole Exum sequencing.
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