Allison Huegel COO of AxoProtego and Ahmet Hoke, MD, Ph.D. @HopkinsMedicine #chemotherapyinducedperipheralneuropathy #neuropathy Novel Investigational Agent for Chemotherapy-Induced Perip...

Allison Huegel COO of AxoProtego and Ahmet Hoke, MD, Ph.D. @HopkinsMedicine #chemotherapyinducedperipheralneuropathy #neuropathy Novel Investigational Agent for Chemotherapy-Induced Perip...

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Allison Huegel, COO AxoProtego and Ahmet Hoke, MD, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Medicine gives an overview of AxoProtego Therapeutics Announces Novel Investigational Agent for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy.

GLEN BURNIE, Md., July 27, 2020 / PRNewswire/ — AxoProtego Therapeutics (AxoProtego) has announced the licensing of a novel investigational treatment for patients with peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) caused by chemotherapy. There is currently a significant unmet medical need for this life-altering disorder as 30-80 % of patients with cancer experience peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy, whether from conventional chemotherapy, biologics or cell-based therapies. The National Institute of Health (NIH) National Cancer Institute ( NCI) labeled CIPN as a Listed Priority in 2019. No cure currently exists.

AxoProtego has approved the Johns Hopkins University rights for the worldwide production and commercialization of Ethoxyquin and its derivatives (including EQ-6, our lead compound). AxoProtego focuses on developing this highly potent small molecule and subsequent CIPN prevention derivatives, a popular and dose-limiting complication of several chemotherapy drugs that affect several million patients in the United States. EQ-6 is a proprietary approach to peripheral nerve cytoprotection against chemotherapy-induced toxicity and may restrict peripheral neuropathy induced by chemotherapy.

In vivo, EQ-6 displayed neuroprotective effects while not interacting with paclitaxel and cisplatin chemotherapeutic operation. Preliminary results suggest that EQ-6 prevents the initiation of neurodegeneration and protects the neurons from the toxins of chemotherapy. With demonstrated rapid accumulation in the peripheral nerves, EQ-6 is water soluble and bioavailable both orally and through IV. With wide in vitro and in vivo safety profiles, comprehensive in vivo studies have shown efficacy.

Allison Huegel, COO, AxoProtego Therapeutics said, "If you have undergone chemotherapy or know someone who has, chances are peripheral neuropathy that is caused by chemotherapy has become a dose-limiting side effect. AxoProtego is developing EQ-6 as a treatment for the reduction or prevention of peripheral neuropathy which does not interfere with chemotherapy. Our aims are to enhance the tolerance of cancer-destroying compounds for patients, increase the value of chemotherapy and resolve neurotoxicity to improve life for these patients.

CSSi LifeSciences has been retained by AxoProtego Therapeutics to oversee the preclinical, GMP, regulatory and clinical production of EQ-6. Jim Sergi, President, CSSi LifeSciences, said that we are excited about the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and expertise to advance the commercialization of this potential disease modifying therapy.

AxoProtego is in partnership with M. As Strategic Consultants, M. Dillon & Co. and Tucker Ellis.

Please visit for more on AxoProtego Therapeutics and its studies.

About Therapeutics for AxoProtego:
AxoProtego Therapeutics was developed to develop successful peripheral neuropathy therapies, such as peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy.

About LifeSciences CSSi:
CSSi LifeSciences offers fully integrated regulatory and clinical services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to support the entire product lifecycle, from discovery to commercialization. CSSi LifeSciences has been a major partner in the production of more than 500 medicines, biologics, medical devices, and in-vitro diagnostics with global experience. Headquarters of the company are in Baltimore, MD with additional branches in San Francisco, California, and Hyderabad, India. Visit: for more information.
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