7 - The Future of the Young Adult Movement, Selma's Legacy

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Description: Vital Options International presents Advocacy in Action, bringing together cancer advocacy leadership to address: The Young Adult With Cancer

Advocacy in Action is the legacy of our founder, Selma Schimmel, and cancer care for young adults was near and dear to her heart.

Selma was diagnosed with cancer herself as a young adult at the age of 28. Through her experience as a survivor, she spent the next 30 years dedicating her life to opening up important channels of knowledge and understanding for others. Not only did she establish Vital Options International, she sparked a true movement for understanding the impact of cancer on young adults.

We lost Selma in May 2014. But her role in the evolution of greater understanding about the needs of a cancer survivor is truly everlasting. In loving memory, we dedicate this Advocacy in Action series to her.

Joining Cancer Support Community’s, Linda House, RN, BSN, MSM — Leonard Sender, MD, Children’s Hospital of Orange County; Heidi Adams, Critical Mass; Brock Yetso, The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults; Craig Lustig, MPA Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University
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