Annual Meeting 2014: SWOG 1211 - 101867


Annual Meeting 2014: SWOG 1211

Description: Saad Z. Usmani, MD
Levine Cancer Institute - Morehead
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

SWOG 1211: A randomized phase I/II study of optimal induction therapy for newly diagnosed high-risk multiple myeloma (HRMM)

The introduction of immunomodulatory agents and proteasome inhibitors, and advances in high dose therapy administration have made an impact on progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) for multiple myeloma (MM) patients in general, but patients with HRMM still have a poor long-term prognosis. Therefore, it is imperative to develop novel therapeutic regimens that will extend PFS and OS in this group. The SWOG 1211 is the first national and inter-group study targeting the HRMM population.

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