Breast Centres Network

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Description: Breast Centres Network is the first international network of clinical centres exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. It is a project of ESO (European School of Oncology) with the aim to promote and improve breast cancer care in Europe and throughout the world.
Our network includes Breast Units (Multidisciplinary Breast Centres) that fulfill minimum requirements (see Eligibility Gate) to be considered referral centres. Organisation of Multidisciplinary Breast Units is recommended by EUSOMA, Europa Donna (European Breast Cancer Coalition) and the European Parliament. In the US, breast center accreditation is offered by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.
We offer an online Breast Unit Directory that provides detailed information at a glance about our members in an attempt to broadcast the state-of-the-art international standards for multidisciplinary breast cancer care.
Breast Centres Network's mission is to promote synergism among Breast Units by interconnecting specialists and personnel working in the field, and to help breast cancer patients find the right place for care or for a second opinion.
For this purpose, our specific objectives are to:
1.Play an active role in the proposal and validation of breast cancer care guidelines.
2.Foster training activities and academic exchange among breast units to ensure scientific updates on breast cancer research.
3.Contribute to the process of standardising breast cancer care among these units according to European Guidelines.
4.Provide information to help patients and their caregivers to identify high quality Breast Units throughout the world.
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