Case 2: Double Refractory Patient with High-risk Cytogenetics

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Description: Patients with multiple myeloma that is refractory to both bortezomib and lenalidomide have an especially poor prognosis. This double-refractory indication is emerging as a significant clinical challenge as these two agents are now commonly used as frontline and maintenance therapies. However, recent research advances have led to the development of several novel agents for double-refractory myeloma, including the recently approved drugs carfilzomib and pomalidomide. This case-based symposium uses case studies and panel discussions to update hematologists, medical oncologists, and other health-care practitioners on the latest treatment strategies for bortezomib- and lenalidomide-refractory myeloma.

In this segment, Dr. Rafael Fonseca discusses treatment options for a double refractory patient with high-risk cytogenetics.

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