CLL: Idelalisib based regimens

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Description: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most common lymphoid malignancy in the western world and has a highly variable course. Advances in diagnosis, risk assessment and front-line treatment options for newly diagnosed CLL patients are providing benefit to overall survival and progression-free survival but CLL remains an incurable disease and long-term survival of poor prognosis patients is unsatisfactory. With these concerns in mind, therapies that have shown clinical activity in the relapsed/refractory setting are currently being investigated as front-line therapies for newly diagnosed CLL. As these studies move toward fruition, clinical questions pertaining to optimal treatment strategies and integration of novel, targeted therapies in combination with antibody-based regimens, or standard chemotherapy/antibody regimens into everyday clinical practice come to light. With the potential for these combination therapies to impact the front-line CLL treatment paradigm, healthcare professionals must be kept abreast of the latest therapeutic algorithms and their impact on clinical outcomes and patient quality of life.

In this presentation, Dr. Jennifer Brown outlines current strategies for idelalisib based regimens.

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