Dr. Anne Tsao of MD Anderson discusses her approach to treating non small cell lung cancer.

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Description: There is a paradigm shift in the treatment of metastatic NSCLC that involves the targeted therapies and histologic subtype. In SCC patients, front-line systemic therapy should avoid the use of bevacizumab and pemetrexed. In non-SCC patients, there are several options. In patients with sensitive EGFR mutations, I recommend front-line EGFR TKI therapy. Patients who are minimal former or never smokers that are EGFR wild-type may carry the EML 4-ALK fusion protein, and crizotinib, an ALK inhibitor, provides significant clinical benefit. In patients who are wild-type for EGFR and do not carry the EML 4 ALK fusion, they may receive bevacizumab based therapy or a chemotherapy doublet regimen. This video blog reviews the treatment algorithm for patients with NSCLC.
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Posted on : 08/25/10
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