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E-Cigarettes Better Than Combustible Cigarettes

Description: Laura Jean Bierut, MD of Washington University of Medicine discusses the benefits of E-Cigarettes over combustible cigarettes. First and foremost, E-cigarettes are not FDA approved devices for smoking cessation. There is insufficient evidence whether or not these are safety or potentially harmful. However, what is known is combustible cigarettes are extremely dangerous that will kill 1 in 2 smokers over their lifetime and so, it is very important that smokers should quite combustible cigarettes.

In the United States, citizens are doing the experiment with electronic cigarettes and they are using it. People are using e-cigs in order to quit smoking. Initial data suggest that using this might improve their ability to quit smoking. Although the data is not yet sufficient, but what’s important now is people should quit the combustible cigarettes and might use e-cigarettes to slowly quit smoking.
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Posted on : 12/27/17
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