EGFR Small Molecules v Antibodies In Combination Antibodies better than Small Molecules

Description: Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD of Yale Cancer Center discusses EGFR small molecules versus antibodies in combination antibodies better than small molecules. He explains that small molecules against EGFR versus antibodies work by different mechanisms and might have different activities. The antibodies against the epidermal growth factor receptor work outside the cell, help in preventing ligand binding of accurate receptor, internalize the receptor and eventually kick it out of commission. The data they have in combination with chemotherapy suggests that antibodies are much better than small molecules. Although the data that came from randomized trials is minimal, results for Necitumumab in combination with other select chemotherapy medication is very positive. Dr. Herbst highlights the data for Cetuximab, which suggests that squamous patients who have high copy number of the EGFR are the ones who can benefit more.
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Posted on : 01/04/18
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